Welcome to BabyLink

For most parents, the arrival of a new son or daughter is a time of great happiness and excitement. At the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, there are about 7,500 births each year. Although the vast majority of these babies are well, approximately 800 will experience some kind of difficulty, which means that they need to be admitted to the neonatal unit. For you, as parents, this can be a time of worry regardless of whether your baby's stay is measured in days, weeks or months.
This website is created for the parents of babies on the neonatal unit at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. The pages of contain information about the neonatal unit and the care and treatment babies receive there. It is hoped by using the site parents will gain a better understanding of their baby's condition and feel more able to be involved in the decisions made in his treatment. Throughout this website and for simplicity and ease of reading, we will refer to babies as 'he'.  This applies to the non-secure areas. The secure pages for your son or daughter will be specific to him or her.